” I’m all for you  –  Body and soul “

“EEG FONNESBÆK” is a Danish jazz album by singer Sinne Eeg & bass player Thomas Fonnesbæk.
The songs concerns the mysteries of lost love, rejections and moving on, and these are the feelings I’ve been wanting to capture.
In addition to the cover art I’ve designed a poster for advertising and for fans to buy.
I took the picture of the rose bouquet myself.
Artist Photography of Sinne Eeg & Thomas Fonnesbæk: Copyright by Stephen Freiheit.
Stunt Records Trademark: Stunt Records.
School Project: Skolen for Visuel Kommunikation / School of Visual Communication.
Supervisor: Paul Wilson, Yellow1.


plakat-jazz-helenaholm.dkTake a look at the rest of the project in my Behance-portfolio.