” Money Saving for Students “

SUS is a fictive informal magazine for students in Denmark.
The name is a conjunction of the distress signal SOS and the abbreviation SU (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte), which is the Danish Government’s financial support for students.

The magazine holds articles to guide Danish students to have a more privileged lifestyle by sharing tips, tricks and general good advice about food, shopping, insurances, budget planning etc.To save on the production costs the magazine are printed on newspaper in the format DIN A2 and folded. Unfolded it will work as a poster, which could be used in student cafés and at universities.

This project is made in collaboration with Maria Pilgaard.
No copyright infringement is intended, please contact me, if you spot a problem.

School Project: Skolen for Visuel Kommunikation / School of Visual Communication, Haderslev, Denmark.
Supervisor: Lisbeth Højmark.



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