” Perfection, Tradition & Harmony ”

Jap’In is a fictional Nordic sushi restaurant inspired by the virtues of the Japanese cuisine in all its beauty and simplicity. Two assets in which the Scandinavian culture can relate to very well.

The name Jap’In is short for a Japanese Walk In Restaurant. The logotype is inspired by characters from the Japanese alphabet that consist of organic brush strokes. By combining this with regular geometrical forms known from Scandinavia, we tried to unite the design culture of Japan and the Nordic countries in harmony.

The use of white space, the symbolism of the mint-green color Pantone 3265 C combined with raw freshness gives great contrast to the black typography. The letter J’s shape is combined into a wavy pattern inspired by the ocean and traditional Japanese designs.

Our layout-design is influenced by the Japanese typography format “Tategaki”, revealing vertical lines on the pages depending on which way they are viewed.

This project is made in collaboration with Maria Pilgaard.
No copyright infringement is intended, please contact me, if you spot a problem.

School Project: Skolen for Visuel Kommunikation / School of Visual Communication, Haderslev, Denmark.


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